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Forum and Group Rules

Please familiarize yourself with the forum and group rules:

By joining this Forum, you are agreeing to allow Charles Myles and his selected staff members to share your breakthroughs and posts on our media platforms.  Names partially will be concealed in these cases.


1) Do Not Use This Group To Promote Your Business Mentioning your business to give context for questions or comments is 100% allowed and encouraged! However, please refrain from promoting your business, as it will result in your removal from the forum/group


2) Do Not Post Content Unrelated To The Group We want to offer valuable content and discussion to all of you. That being said, do not post anything spam-related or unrelated to our group topics and courses.


3) Be Kind And Courteous We're all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Let's treat everyone with respect. It is OK to disagree but still show love and respect for each other.


4) Please do not counsel others, Especially In Difficult Situations. We really appreciate you sharing your stories, life experiences, and great ideas with others on this forum. But please be careful when counseling someone in a difficult situation, as you do not want to give advice that may lead someone down the wrong path.


5) Do NOT Share Someone Else's Personal Information

Sometimes, in this group, personal information is shared with its members. Please do not share this information with others. Do not share prayer requests or someone else's hurts and pains with people outside of this forum. Please be respectful of each and every person's dignity.

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