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Stepping Up Trailer

Stepping Up Trailer

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Stepping Up Curriculum
Men today are in a battle! It’s a battle without bullets or bombs, but a battle all the same. It’s a fight for our families and our future. Facing the battles of life demands courage, and courage is the ability to do the hard thing in every circumstance, despite the cost. This workshop calls men to courageous manhood, offering a powerful vision for what it means to be a man today who truly conquers and wins in life. The Stepping Up curriculum defines courage throughout the five stages of manhood and commissions men to honestly evaluate where they stand. This workshop prepares men to bravely master their life's purpose by developing a strategic plan and establishing a winning vision. Dennis Rainey is the creator of the Stepping Up program.

To Join The Next Stepping Up (S.U.) Workshop – You Need To:

  1.  Sign up for the next available (S.U.) workshop (email:

  2.  Purchase the S.U. workbook

  3.  Get Ready for an awesome Growth Experience

    • Be ready and on time for the workshop

What To Expect:

  • Ten (10) Weeks of Challenging Thought Provoking Training

      • Once a week training with the Workshop leader

      • Self-Study five (5) times a week (15-30 minutes)

  • Workshop Completion Certificate

      • for paying attendees only, who complete the workshop


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