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Kingdom Man Workshop Purpose
When a man follows the principles of biblical manhood, he and those around him benefit from his leadership and care. The Kingdom Man Workshop challenges and equips men to fully understand their position under God as well as their position over what God has given them. The biblical definition of a man is one who has learned to operate under the authority of Jesus Christ while carrying out responsible and legitimate leadership within the sphere of influence that God has placed him. The Kingdom Man Workshop provides concepts men can follow that will help them to actively pursue ways to maximize and develop the character qualities of biblical manhood in their lives.

To Join The Next Kingdom Man’s (K.M.) Workshop – You Need To:

  1.  Sign up for the next available K.M. workshop (email:

  2.  View the workshop trailer

  3.  Purchase the K.M. workbook

  4.  Get Ready for an awesome Growth Experience

    • Be ready and on time for the workshop​

Kingdom Man Trailer
Kingdom Man Trailer

Kingdom Man Trailer

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What To Expect:

  • Seven Weeks of Challenging Thought-Provoking Training

      • Once a week training with the Workshop leader

      • Self-Study five (5) times a week (15-30 minutes)

  •  Special session at the end of the Workshop (week 8)

  • Workshop Completion Certificate

      • for paying attendees only, who complete the workshop




Week 1 Sample Workbook:

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