Charles R. Myles II is a husband, father, pastor, teacher, motivational speaker, and author. Charles has devoted his life to Christ and is a co-founding pastor with his wife Myhisha Myles of Harvest Village Ministries Family Church in Pasadena, California. He is also the founder of Man On Fire For God, a ministry focused on helping men to return to biblical manhood. 



My purpose is to fulfill God's calling on my life and help people to know the 'Word of God' and how to apply to their daily lives. I provide 
people with the education, understanding, tools, teaching and training to live the Christian life!

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I and my wife started our journey together in college and we still moving forward together fulfilling the calling God has on our lives. I have been married for 24 years to this beautiful young lady (Myhisha Myles) and we have 3 children and 1 Godson together (2 boys and 2 girls ). We work together in the ministry with the end goal of helping people to change their lives.



I knew in my late 20's that I was called to ministry work. It was a difficult calling for me at first as I was already working as a Engineering Manager for Fortune 500 company. I had many concerns at first especially around money as I was making a great salary for a young man but through lots of prayer and trust in the Lord I was able to change careers and pursue the calling God put on my life. 

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