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Wounded Soul The Book - What Is It About?

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Information and questions about the book Wounded Soul: Death Lived Inside Me

by Charles R. Myles II


#1 Question: What is the book about?

Wounded Soul is a memoir of Pastor Charles Myles's young life. It teaches how to move past the pains, hurts, and wounds that imprison people and stop them from moving forward in life. A lot of people suffer from terrible wounds and traumatic experiences in their lives that have stopped them from living a full, healthy life to living life where they are just existing.

#2 Question: Was the book written with a specific purpose in mind?

The purpose of the book is the help people heal from their past internal wounds. The goal is to help people free their souls from pain and suffering. When people are able to come out of their internal prisons, they can function the way God intended for them to function and move forward in their purpose.

#3 Question: What details do you want people to know about the book?

I want people to know that holding on to unforgiveness makes life unbearable. When we allow the wounds of the past to infect are present, we cannot have hope for a productive future! For people dealing with the pains of the past, it is time to heal, let go of the shackles, and walk out of the prison of unforgiveness, hurt, and pain that keeps you from winning in life. It is time for you to read, reflect, and walk through the pages of Wounded Soul. Healing and wholeness are before you; time to take the journey!

#4 Question: Can you give us one of the primary ideas shared in the book?

People in general, are very resilient, but sometimes this helps us to live in mediocrity because we learn to tolerate things in our lives that we should never accept. It is time to stop tolerating the things that keep you from being your best, that keep you from accomplishing the goals you have planned, that keep you from being the best you that you can be.

#5 Question: What is the last thing you would like us to know about the book Wounded Soul?

I want you to know that the book touches on topics such as mental illness, abuse, brotherhood, mass shootings, and so much more. This influential story is a compelling piece on how poignant moments in one’s life can leave behind a tremendous impact.

Amazon Review:

“I found Charles' raw honesty of how he dealt with many issues in his life, both good and bad, to be very relatable to my life,” said an Amazon reviewer. “This book and the stories contained within are universal to the human experience and can be a learning (and healing) lesson for anyone.”


Check Out The Book "Wounded Soul: Death Lived Inside Me" by Pastor Charles Myles

Also Available on Amazon.

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