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The Warrior's Weapons (Spiritual Insight to Defeat The Giants In Your Life) is a study guide ebook that will give the reader the biblical weapons used to defeat the giants in their lives. We all face trials and tribulations in our lives as it is part of the human experience. There should not be any reason we face these hardships alone, without the proper tools to help us overcome them.

Scripture has given us the insight we need to fight and overcome the giants that will come into our lives. It is time to defeat them and no longer be held captive because of them. If you are ready to have victory in your life and no longer want to move in fear of trials and tribulation, this study book is for you.


This study guide contains thought-provoking ideas and concepts, biblical scripture and biblical insight, Greek and Hebrews word definitions (for the student of the bible), and a practical way for you to move forward!

Walk with Pastor Charles as he teaches you what King David used to defeat the giants in his life!


ISBN (eBook): 978-1-950432-11-0

Bonus Feature: The Warrior's Weapons Video Series is Coming Soon.  Use the study guide and video teachings to gain more insight on how the fight the battles you are in and coming your way!

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