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I Will Leave An Impact On Whatever I Touch!

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

I recently got another chance to watch 'Dear Basketball', the animated short film by Kobe Bryant.

As much as I loved it before, I love it even more now since he and his beautiful daughter passed away in a terrible accident a few weeks ago. I watched the beautiful short video in awe, I got a chance to see the progression of a young boy living out his hopes and dreams, giving everything he had to a game that he has always loved, into becoming an older man who has accomplished so many great feats but his body is worn and is telling him it is time to move on. Looking back at what little I know about his career and only what the media has shared about his life, I can say that ...

Kobe left his fingerprint on the world, giving all that he had to fulfill a dream and passion that lived and breathed on the inside of him.

As I watched, I wondered to myself, if I am ever going to give everything I have to what I love as Kobe did? Will I be able to leave my fingerprint on the world as he did? His legacy (something transmitted by or received from a predecessor or person who came before you), his gift to the world was how he went about taking on challenges in his life. He didn't sit back and wait for challenges to come to him, he went after them and challenged himself to rise to the occasion. That is not the mentality of most people, most of us do not like to be challenged.

In general, people like to take the easy road, not the hard road!

As I look back over my life, I was so happy to make it out of where I was when I was a young man, that it seemed like I forgot to give myself more dreams and large goals to pursue in life. I was blessed with a beautiful wife and healthy children, a good job, a house, etc. With these blessings already in hand, unfortunately, came stagnation and idleness. There seemed to be nothing else for me to pursue because I had already become full and I was hungry for nothing else. I had lost the desire to pursue new dreams, give myself new goals, strive for new heights in life. Kobe was younger than me by a few years but I have sure learned quite a few things from him. I look at Kobe's life and how he loved his wife and his family but also how he shifted his dreams after basketball as he knew it was over. After that, he put together a short film that described his love for the game of basketball and it was so well received he won an Academy Award, making his fingerprint on the world even greater. I am not sure if I will ever have an impact on the world as Kobe has but I will have an impact...

From this moment forward what I am going to do is to make sure that I leave my fingerprint, my impact on everything I touch...

Every day I will help to change people's lives positively and my goal is to be the best 'me' that I can be for every person I come into contact with. Kobe wanted to be the best he could be every time he hit the floor and he reached the world with that mentality. I am not a superstar basketball player but what I do has the ability to also touch people's lives. My affirmation for the rest of my life is to be the best 'me' that I can be in what God purposed me to do. I will let God figure out how big He wants my fingerprint on the world to be. Whether it be large or small, whether I reach many or few, I know for sure that when the time comes for me to leave this world behind, I will leave this world empty knowing I gave everything the Lord gave me to give.



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