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Pastor’s Life Journey Overcoming Hurt Through Faith Is Detailed in Captivating New Memoir


Author Charles R. Myles II shares how his passion for his faith helped him find healing and stability in “Wounded Soul: Death Lived Inside Me”


PASADENA, Calif. – Charles R. Myles II, a pastor, and motivational speaker, details his journey from troubled youth to passionate believer in Christ in his powerful memoir, “Wounded Soul: Death Lived Inside Me.” In this new book, Charles paints a clear picture of a past that sent him to a dark place as a young man and how he overcame it to begin his healing journey. Written with the intent to help others, Charles’ relatable story will touch the hearts of readers of all faiths and backgrounds.


In addition to his open and honest narrative about the pain he felt in his life, each chapter includes reflection questions that will allow readers to think about their own wellbeing. With each passing chapter, Charles emphasizes the importance of not only addressing symptoms but reaching down to the root of the problems to address the true hurt within the soul.


Touching on topics such as mental illness, gang involvement, and mass shootings, this influential story is a compelling piece on how poignant moments in one’s life can leave behind a tremendous impact.


“I found Charles' raw honesty of how he dealt with many issues in his life, both good and bad, to be very relatable to my life,” said an Amazon reviewer “This book and the stories contained within are universal to the human experience and can be a learning (and healing) lesson for anyone.”


By understanding the author’s love for the Lord, passion for a better future and bravery in sharing his story, readers will feel inspired by “Wounded Soul: Death Lived Inside Me” and encouraged to move beyond the past and live within the fullness of the present. To learn more, please visit

“Wounded Soul: Death Lived Inside Me”

By Charles R. Myles II

ISBN: 978-1-6847-0831-4 (sc); ISBN: 978-1-6847-0831-1 (hc); ISBN: 978-1-6847-0830-7 (e)

Available through: Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iUniverse


About the author

Charles R. Myles II is a husband, father, pastor, teacher, motivational speaker, and author. Charles has devoted his life to Christ and is a co-founding pastor with his wife, Myhisha Myles, of Harvest Village Ministries Family Church in Pasadena, California. Passionately written and faithful to his moving story, “Wounded Soul: Death Lived Inside Me” is his first published work. It is his hope his work brings encouragement to people who have been hurting and hiding pain within themselves for years.   


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