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I was new to the group of men I joined for Kingdom Man but left feeling like I’d gained lifetime brothers.  Pastor Myles leadership and accountability throughout the course was amazing and was the first time I’d felt truly challenged and actually wanted to do the daily reading.  It was thought-provoking and something I will continue to gain insight for the years to come.  It is something every man needs to go though and this is where the work begins!  Thank you Elliot and Pastor Myles for recognizing this need and challenging us to become Kingdom Men.

Peter J.


Elliot W.


The Kingdom Man study facilitated by Pastor Myles this past summer was really memorable and transformative. I grew in my understanding of biblical manhood and was challenged to see the important nature of my role to serve others and lead with integrity. I enjoyed the challenging message each week and really grew during the week spending time in the workbook, which pointed me to God's word and prayer. My favorite part of the experience was the relationships that we built with the other men in the group. I really grew a lot closer to my accountability partner. I am so thankful that I made the choice to participate and commit to this journey. Pastor Myles is a strong and committed leader with a passion to see men follow God and serve HIm wholeheartedly. 

The Kingdom Man Bible study provided me with a great opportunity to reflect on how to lead my life and my home with purpose under the lordship of Jesus Christ.  The discussion questions and topics forced me to be honest with myself on how I want to glorify God in my everyday life at home, at work, and in the community.  This study is one of a kind because it challenges all men to look inward and expose the actions and thoughts guiding their steps to conclude if those steps align with God’s will.  Pastor Myles did an exceptional job in laying a foundation for me and the rest of our group to openly discuss the steps we want/need to take to walk in the purpose of The Lord’s calling for our lives.  Thank you, pastor, for your dedication to our group with your time and energy as a mentor, leader, and friend.    

Brandon N.


Andre M.


Dear Pastor, Thank you so much for the class, it was not only biblically insightful it was also very impactful. I believe as a young man in Christ leadership is everything and we’re all lead in some way or another. However, many times we fall short because of that very leadership we’ve received, although it may have meant well the leadership may not have been based on biblical principles.
Biblical principles are important to know in a world where men and women alike do things based on how we feel instead of the truth. I was very happy to be included in the class and the teachings because although I know the word there were many valuable lessons that I learned that I implement to this day. The vulnerability of my accountability partners really played a major role in releasing several strongholds in my life because with the help of other men I was able to realize that I was not alone in many of my struggles. Many men shared the same struggles and felt comfortable enough to talk about them in a safe environment that loves you for who you are but holds you accountable enough to become the man you desire to be. I’d recommend this class to any man who wants to know what God defines as a man, thanks Pastor Myles.


The Kingdom Man class by Pastor Charles Myles forced me to re-evaluate the way I view myself as a man. I took the class 4 times, each time gaining more insight and gaining more views on what a Godly Man should be. The class allowed me and the other members of the class to gain new insight and also give our perspectives on the many lessons and topics that were taught. Each week the group became more intense because each man of the group was waiting to go over our daily work. The lessons were so insightful that we just wanted to all share and discuss. Pastor Charles Myles gave us all hope that we can become a better Godly man, so we were eager to discuss the things that we learned and get advice on how to apply them to our lives. Pastor Charles Myles was big on us knowing the difference between a grown man and a grown male and making me realize that I needed to make changes immediately. Being able to have an accountability partner made this class better, as we were able to go over the daily work and get a different perspective from someone that comes from a different background. The men in the class all had the same goal of becoming a Kingdom Man. The teaching helped us to realize that no one is perfect, and as men, we all have work to do. The Kingdom Man class helped us to understand that as a man, we are all supposed to be leaders of the things God put within our domain and influence, whether we want to be on not. Class taught us how important men are to our spouses, families, homes, communities, and to this nation. Thank you Pastor for dedicating your time to me and the group you changed me for the better.

Tyquan B.


Kymani J.


Pastor Charles' Men's class allowed me to look at life with a different perspective and open my eyes to a new way of thinking. The class goes through a series of lessons that teach young men how to be a man of God for himself, his family, and those that surround him. The course has taught me how to prioritize my life according to God and continue to grow internally when it comes to self-discipline & treating others without judgment. It lays the guidelines on how to be the man of one's household and gives insight on how to do that through God's eyes. This class also was set up where everyone was able to have an accountability partner so that we would be able to discuss the lessons in detail and relate it to our lives, while also being able to share our different perspectives on the topic at hand. My accountability partner helped me not fall behind in the course and continued to push me to do better with all of my challenges outside of the class. I enjoyed this class because it was very informative and beneficial to start understanding how to be a Man of God at a younger age rather than when I'm older.​

Pastor Charles, I want to thank you for leading our Kingdom Man study last year. I was invited to attend by brother Rob Montanez, and what an absolute blessing it was. The material you presented to us was challenging and life changing, your format was intimate and at times intense. You definitely got to the core of what men go through on a day to day basis. Today I can honestly say that this study drew me closer to Jesus Christ. I want to encourage any man out there reading this to take any future class you may hold. To God be the Glory! Thanks again Pastor Charles for answering God's call upon your life.

David R.


Deon S.


The kingdom man study helped cement purpose in my home. I learned being a man of God takes work. It's not something that's given because I'm a male. God's expectations of me is challenging and at the same time, God's Grace is supporting my efforts to please him. Great study.

Kingdom men is what we as men need to be aware of our calling.  So many men are ignorant to God's word. The studies with Pastor Charles are well put together! Our Focus needs to be on the ways of God. Take time and go through kingdom men; it's an eye-opener, thank you Pastor Charles, and Thank you Jesus .

Robert M.


Aaron B.


The Kingdom Man study group was an eye-opening experience for me. I learned about accountability and what being a true man of God really consists of. Being the youngest in the group at first was difficult for me but towards the end of the course, I was very thankful to hear all the different perspectives of other men who had more life experience than me. Thanks Pastor Charles for allowing me to be involved.

This class was a life changer for me, Pastor Charles directed us through the Kingdom Man Study, in a clear precise fashion.  My whole way of thinking was changed, my role as a kingdom Man changed my way of presenting myself to GOD, family, church, and my community. I loved the whole study, but day 2 "A Man's Dominion"  there's a point that's made about ruling our domain. Just as Adam failed, his domain was turned upside down, the same is true when men fail to effectively rule their assigned domains! The whole study was a life changing experience! I thank GOD for giving me this awesome chance to focus clearly on my role as a Man of God!  

Richard C.

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