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Charles Myles is one of the most dynamic teachers today. Charles is on a mission to help as many people as possible become the best version of themselves, fulfilling their purpose in life. As a speaker, coach, teacher, and certified behavioral trainer (NAMA, NLP, DV), Charles specializes in helping others to self-optimize without self-destructing. Charles is passionate about adding value to people's lives to assist them in transforming their lives.


Charles was raised in Pasadena, CA. He played the sport of football, which he believes has taught him many life lessons, one in particular - 'how to keep going when the going gets tough.' His public speaking engagements revolve around sports teams, first responders, and business leadership summits. Charles spent nearly twenty years working as a government contractor, where he had the opportunity to work with men and women from the technology, space, and defense workspace. As he developed into becoming a leader and honing his leadership skills in this environment, he was blessed with many positions to utilize his leadership skills as well as challenges to increase his fortitude. For over 20+ years, Charles has trained, taught, and assisted others in becoming the best version of themselves in any environment.


'Transform Your Mind - Change Your Life' is the motto Charles lives by, and he strives to help people do this daily. His teachings help people understand that they do not have to stay stuck and that their environment does not have to determine their outcomes. He was inspired to unleash his untapped potential while gaining understanding through real-world experiences, sports, and education. Charles has various degrees and certifications: An undergraduate degree from the University of Arizona, a post-graduate degree from the University of Phoenix, and a Bachelor Of Ministry Degree from Vision International College and Seminary.


As a community trainer (first responders, community members, and incarcerated persons), Charles needed to start bridging the gap between officers and community members. His specialty area of training is in community engagement, giving the community members, officers, and first responders an understanding and perspective of each other. In doing so, he believes he can bridge the gap between us all and reduce our fears of each other. With the intent of reducing violent acts against each other. His goal is to move forward together with a shared desire for a safer community where community members, officers, and first responders feel respected and have reverence for one another.


Charles was inspired to author his first book, "Wounded Soul - Death Lived Inside Me," to assist others on their journey of letting go of their anger and learning to forgive and heal. In this memoir, he shares his life story of growing up as a young man drowning in hurt and pain. In sharing the obstacles he's overcome, he explores how focusing on the stigma of the past prevents us from moving forward. He also celebrates his love of the Lord, sharing how lessons from the Bible apply directly to our lives. He understands that with the proper learning and coaching, people can find their way and move forward, living a healthy life in the present and future.


Charles has emerged into the mentoring and coaching arena with the release of the Kingdom Man Life Groups Mentoring & Coaching Program, which serves athletes, retired pro athletes, men, and young adults. In addition to his contributions in the field of speaking and coaching, Charles is the Pastor of Harvest Village Ministries Family Church (HVMFC) ( Pastor Charles is a teaching pastor, and he has the honor of sharing and teaching the Word of God in his local community and to people worldwide. He also works with and trains Pastors in the country of India.


Charles enjoys activities such as weight training, travel, athletic events, and movies. He is married to his college sweetheart, Myhisha, and they are the proud parents of three children and one Godchild.

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